FLAC to AIFF (Bit size - same as source???)

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FLAC to AIFF (Bit size - same as source???)

Post by suhailece »

Hi All,

I was wondering if someone can help me with this? I purchase and download a lot of flac files. Their resolutions vary. As in, some are 16bit/44.1K others are 24bit/96K, 24bit/88.2K etc. The problem is every time I encode using Max to AIFF, I must have to remember to set the bit size, either to 16 bit or to 24 bit manually to the match the original bit size of the flac file. Isn't there an automatic way to do this? Other MS Windows programs can detect the bit size, for example dB Power amp. In there, you could just leave the "Bit size" as "Same as Source".

Any advice

My system information:
Computer: MacMini 2011 with Mac OS X Lion
USB to SPDIF bridge: Music Fidelity V-Link
Preamp/Processor: Anthem D2V
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Re: FLAC to AIFF (Bit size - same as source???)

Post by mattn »

The flac command-line tool will do this for you, I believe - all you're really asking here is that the flac file be decoded. If you prefer something with a GUI, the tool you want for this job might be xACT:

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Re: FLAC to AIFF (Bit size - same as source???)

Post by Jataro »

I have to say first off that Max is really fantastic. I have one question though. I have converted a few 96/24 and 88/24 files from flac to apple lossless and when I load them into decibel they are read as the correct originating file type (meaning 96/24 flac --> 96/24 m4a). Based on the previous post should this not be the case? Are the files being accurately converted? Thank you very much for any replies.
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Re: FLAC to AIFF (Bit size - same as source???)

Post by sbooth »

It all depends on how you have configured your encoder in Max; if the encoder is set to use the same bit depth as the source then you should be set.
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