Retain Original Filenames

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Retain Original Filenames

Post by Siobhan »

First, wanted to say I really dig this product. As a recent PC to Mac switcher, this kind of audio conversion suite is perfect for my needs. I used to use a program called Easy CD-DA Extractor for the PC, which has similar conversion features as Max - I thought I'd never find anything to replace it, but I did ;)

One thing that was a little unclear to me was retaining existing filenames on converted files (as opposed to from a cd). I just discovered this was possible by accident, when I selected "save converted files to same location as original" - this seemed to overpower the custom naming scheme I had specified below (despite the 'Specify file names for output' checkbox being selected), and retained the same filenames as my source WAV files.

I was looking for this feature via a checkbox labeled "keep original filenames" or something of the sort - in fact, when I started this post while converting some files, I was under the impression that this type of thing was impossible - and only when I happened to check my output results did I notice that I found what I was looking for ;) Might I suggest making this feature a little more apparent in the Preferences? Perhaps a radiobutton that allows 'keep existing filenames' / 'use custom filenames'. If I recall correctly, not specifying a custom name scheme AND not saving to the same location as the original files saved everything as Unknown Artist/Unknown Track.

Overall, great product (especially now that I've discovered what I thought was missing!) Keep up the good work!
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Re: Retain Original Filenames

Post by mattn »

You can use the {sourceFilename} format specifier if you want the output file to have the same name as the input file.
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