Cue file issue

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Peter Tron
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Cue file issue

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HI Mr. Booth,

I am having a problem with a cue file. It could be badly formatted, but the tracks show up if it is opened in VLC.
How do I send you the cue file so you can verify if there is a problem?
I can print below what the console displayed at the time I tried to open the cue file in Max:

07/08/2011 02:52:23 Max[197] *** Assertion failure in -[MonkeysAudioDecoder initWithFilename:], /tmp/Max-0.9.1-svn/Decoders/

07/08/2011 02:52:23 Max[197] Caught an exception: Unable to open the input file.

Here's hoping for a happy outcome! :)
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Re: Cue file issue

Post by sbooth »

You can post the text of the cue file here, or send it to me AT sbooth DOT org.
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