Can't open .cue file

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Can't open .cue file

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I have converted a long, single AIFF file to FLAC and asked MAX to create a cue sheet.

Then i have created my own cue sheet in plain text and saved as .cue file along with the FLAC file. However, even though I'm certain I have followed the online guides about how to format a cue file, when I try to open it in MAX it just brings up a window with no information in it.

What might i be doing wrong?

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Re: Can't open .cue file

Post by sbooth »

If you post the .cue here I can take a look at see if anything looks out of place.
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Re: Can't open .cue file

Post by mattn »

The symptom you describe is nearly always an indication that something is wrong the format of the cue file. Could be that it lacks initial title and performer, could be that the reference to the accompanying flac file is wrong, could be a quote character doubled or omitted, etc.

What I do in the case you describe is mark up the AIFF file manually using Amadeus. Amadeus will then generate the cue file corresponding to those markers. Even then, however, you must modify the resulting cue file manually to be legal (give it an initial title and performer). Of course if you're going to go that route then there is no advantage to using Max at all - you may as well let Amadeus save as FLAC. I've described that whole process here:

Notice in particular this paragraph:
Unfortunately, the CUE file generated by Amadeus is not legal, and many applications cannot read it properly. This is easily mended by hand. Open the CUE file with your favorite text editor and, after the first line, insert a second line specifying a PERFORMER parameter (the word PERFORMER followed by a space and some text in quotes). Also, in the third line, specifying the FILE parameter, change the value in quotes to match the exact name of the FLAC file.
In other words, you must have title, performer, and file, probably in that order, or you haven't got a legal cue file that most applications can parse.
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