Format button inoperative

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Alex Rogers
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Format button inoperative

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Hello all - tried searching for this, but the word "format" was deemed too common...

I am building a Mac Mini music server to work with Squeezebox, and am currently getting to grips with Mac environment, as I've always used Windows. I want to re-rip my entire CD collection to a lossless format, and will probably go ALAC for Mac / iTunes compatibility. From research, I believe Max is the way to go for this, and successfully downloaded and installed Max 0.9.1. I'd like to set it up to rip to ALAC as well as a compressed format (Mp3). However the Format button seems to be inoperable - I can click it, but nothing happens. I guess this is a bug not a feature, as I can't set my preferred codecs, sample rates etc without this. Am I missing something? Do I need to download codecs seperately first, or is this another issue? Any help appreciated.

Mac Mini 2.0 Ghz running OSX 10.6.7


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Re: Format button inoperative

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This is a bug in Max 0.9.1. Please try the latest unstable version which fixes the issue for most people.

For new ripping projects, I recommend Rip over Max since it has AccurateRip integration.
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