The new name for Max will be...

Discuss Max, an open source CD audio extractor and audio converter.

What should the new name be?

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Post by live4ever »

I still like Max too.

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Post by phule »

live4ever wrote:I still like Max too.
But if Max has to be renamed, I'd like the name Halcyone.

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Post by woody77 »

I like Max, but if not Max, then Halcyone.

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Post by macfeller »

First choice would be Max but there are at least two other apps with that name and several more with Max as part of the name. So, my second choice is Euterpe as suggested by another poster, but that's not in the list. So's I gotta go with Halcyone (or however it was spelled).

Whatever it's known by Max is super and I am glad to see such development on it and it's cousins.

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Post by alex »

How about something off the beaten track. The Mexica god of (among others) dance & song was Xochipilli ("Flower Prince") aka Macuilxochitl ("Five Flowers") ("x" = "sh"). Either name is rather a mouthful, but abbreviated to, say, "Macuil" or "Xochi",…

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Post by Sithgunner »

I too like it the simple name of Max, which isn't bad at all.

And no one will have difficulty in spelling to make sure they tell the name proper with Max, but the only downside to using a simple name is when you want to search about Max on google, you will need to complement with some other words... and results may become a little obscure. But same goes by using a complicated name, people spell it differently all over making results hit less :roll: , so who knows...

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Post by FLACuncompressed »

If it's not taken, a name like myAudio which is generic on purpose is appropriate. Frequently I rename programs on my Mac to what they really are, directly, and overall.

I.e., Photos, Internet...

This pleases me. I'm not a usability expert but I respect Apple's use in quite a few of its computer concepts of language that is relevant to what the product does and not too arbitrary.

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Post by lupus »

Scipio (as in Scipio africanus, the clever Roman general who defeated Hannibal).

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Post by volvoguy »

I'm going to have to be difficult and do a write-in vote for "Max" as well. While I'm at it I also vote for the icon/logo to remain the same but modify the Tag tool's icon to have more of a "Sharpie" felt-tip look to it. They are companion products after all. :)

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I vote for Max!

Post by floatinglist »

I vote for Max!

Having been in Linux-land for the past 4 years, I there was a lot of activity in the GNOME and KDE mailing lists about naming. Maybe browsing some archives would provide some inspiration.

You can go with a generic (descriptive) name, or a catchy name.

Max is great because it is short (easily pronounced and remembered); its name even fits on the icon! (It even matches the other two components' naming style and seems friendly to multiple languages.)

Part of the name is part of the marketing effort. And, marketing is largely about being easily remembered (and quickly recalled)--through cleverness or brute force.

If something longer is wanted, here are some more suggestions based on Max being a generic audio conversion tool (rather than just a ripper or just a transcoder):

I even like mySound better than myAudio (2 vs. 3 syllables).

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Post by kefa »

myaudio is a bit windozey for my liking - OS X has steered clear of 'My Computer' and 'My Documents' and the like.

I too would vote for Max, or at least some derivative.

What the reason for change - is it so that you can register a domain name?

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Post by sbooth »

kefa wrote:What the reason for change - is it so that you can register a domain name?
No, it was more a reaction to some complaints I had received about the name Max. At this point I am actually somewhat inclined to keep it, due to inertia more than anything else.

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Short is good

Post by ganwell »

If you can't keep Max, try Xam.

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Post by jetcx »

Another vote for MAX.

I like the fact that the trio is all named with mono syllable names. MAX, COG, TAG. Simple, elegant.

If forced to rename. I would propose, RIG. Thus all the names would end with a G. Plus I think RIG sounds great!

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Post by alexs »

How about:

(Audio Ripper/Converter)

Retains the simplicity of Max, while being relevant to what the app actually does and not stepping on the toes of any other well-established audio apps. :)

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