Wrong bitrate - still

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Wrong bitrate - still

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When I use Max to convert FLAC to AAC, the bitrates are often slightly off when added to iTunes. They should be encoded at 320 CBR, but sometimes 1 song, several songs or an entire album will show as 319 bitrate. If I convert them a second time, sometimes tracks that were shown as 319 will now show as 320 and vice versa. When I convert the same files using XLD, every track shows as 320.

I've posted about this problem before, and it's still occurring. Haven't tried it yet with v0.9.1, but the changelog shows no reason to believe it will stop.

In my previous thread, sbooth responded
The iTunes display is not a reliable indicator of the actual audio bitrate of the file.

Well then, why do the same files display properly when converted with XLD?

I prefer Max's GUI, but have begun using XLD exclusively due to this quirk.

OS X 10.5.6
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Re: Wrong bitrate - still

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I've just committed a patch that I believe fixes the issue. Please download Max-r1423 and let me know if you still have the problem.
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