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Upsampling with Max

Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 5:36 pm
by CG
I want to upsample CD born aiff files to 88.2 KHz sampling rate, 24 bits for use with an external DAC. This would bypass the upsampling system used by iTunes and would also allow files played through Play to use the higher sample rate.

This currently can't be done in Max, but can be done very nicely in SoundeXchange (SoX), a command line sound file processor. Aside from the lack of a GUI, the problem is that the metadata embedded in the file for album name and all that is lost in the conversion. That's not a problem for a file or two, but for 500+ CDs, well it gets old fast.

Is there is any facility in Max for any kind of plug-in or way to call a command line program like SoX during file conversion? Done at the right point, that would allow full conversion while maintaining the metadata. Aside from doing sample rate conversion, other effects that people might like, for example adding dither, tone effects, various production effects, "earwax" processing for headphone listening, other conversions, and so on.

The two alternatives for this right are me learning to program proficiently in C or doing this in Applescript in conjunction with iTunes.

(here is the web page for SoX >

Re: Upsampling with Max

Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 9:27 pm
by sbooth
There currently isn't a way to do this in Max, and it likely won't be possible in the future due to Max's design.

I am familiar with SoX, though, and I have plans to allow conversion with DSP processing in the future with a different app.