Problems creating FLAC files for Sansa Fuze

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Problems creating FLAC files for Sansa Fuze

Post by bsder »

I'm on OS X and I'm trying to create FLAC files that the Sansa Fuze can read.

I have OS X 10.5.6 and Fuze firmware V02.02.26A. I have verified that the player can play FLAC files from a different source (BonkEnc v1.0.7).

I have a couple of issues:
1) Max kicks out .oga files. The Fuze will not recognize these currently (scheduled for a future firmware update, apparently) Even Tag won't recognize these. Simply renaming these to .ogg or .flac doesn't seem to work. What do I need to set to get Max to kick out an old school .flac file? Alternatively, how do I convert a .oga file to a .flac file?

2) Apparently the Fuze doesn't like Ogg/FLAC files with ID3 tags, only Vorbis tags. How do I set Max to do that?

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Re: Problems creating FLAC files for Sansa Fuze

Post by sbooth »

It sounds like you want to output FLAC (FLAC) files, and you are set to output Ogg (FLAC). What are your encoder settings?
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