Differences on max ripper settings

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Differences on max ripper settings

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Hey I'm a very novice computer operator and I am just learning to operate Max I wanted to know what the difference was on the settings for the max ripper : Basic Comparison and cdparanoia I have very general Idea about them escalating in quality of ripping but basic worked on a poor quality cd but the others did not I had errors pop up and max couldnt rip it with the other two settings. I have so many cds to rip because of my dj biz and I am wondering about how to go about waisting as little time as possible ripping with paranoia cause if I want the best copy possible it has to try and correct it x amount of times but if its to far gone it will syop by the time I figure this out and go to the next lower setting like comparison ripper and if that doesnt work basic which worked on this particulat track and the playback has a couple of little pops no big deal this is going to take the rest of my life to complete this project and I really cant afford to repurchase this music I need a hero to share a strtegy cause I m pretty frustrated HELP!!!

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Re: Differences on max ripper settings

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I don't know that there is any general agreement, let alone hard proof, on what's the best strategy for ripping with Max. Most people here seem to like CDparanoia, but whether we're making the best choice s another matter. And CDParanoia doesn't always work, as you've discovered. There are a few threads here about (fortunately very rare) CDs that result in files that're just white noise if ripped with CDparanoia.

Meanwhile, Max's creator is working on a new piece of ripping software:


The advantage of that one is that it will consult the online AccurateRip database to check your rip with what other people have got when ripping:
The philosophy behind AccurateRip is quite simple - each time an audio track is ripped (recorded by computer) it is compared with rips from other people, this allows a confidence report to be generated. The report might say that 4 other people had exactly the same results, this would guarantee your rip was without error, or the report could say that 3 other people disagree with your rip, the [likelihood] is that your CD has a scratch and should be cleaned.

I think the honest answer would be do what seems best to you and you're not doing any differently than any other user of the software. People just go with what they're comfortable with rather than with what's demonstrably better, and no one here has yet shown empirical proof that a file that's been ripped with any of the three rippers is audibly distinguishable from one ripped with any of the others.

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