Windows Alternatives

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Windows Alternatives

Post by coxy »

Bonjour my fellow CD-ripping friends, I've used Max for years, and what a mighty-fine piece of software it is. I'm impressed. Thoroughly.

Unfortunately, my mac at home died and I couldn't afford a nice shiny new one; I got given a pretty decent PC instead. This means I can't use Max anymore for my CD-ripping ways and need an alternative. A Windows alternative.

I'm currently using a combination of WinAmp and the OGG plugin/codec - but this seems to want to drain the application of all it's life whilst it takes the tracks off the CD and juices that OGG-flavoured sweetness. I can't even play another track whilst I'm ripping stuff. Terrible. Like I said, I have a pretty decent spec PC, so it's not like that's slowing me down.

My solution is to have an nice application akin to Max to control ripping functionalties, and so if anyone could suggest one, that would be awesome. I've tried a few apps from various download sites and they are complete gash. I'd like my ripper to encode OGGs, preferably, and get tagging information from MusicBrainz, preferably. However, if it doesn't do the tagging, that's fine. I have Picard.

Alternatively, if anyone wants to port Max to Windows especially for me, I'll buy you a box of chocolates and give you a hug.

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Re: Windows Alternatives

Post by Mike1 »

A lot of people on Windows who considers themselves serious rippers seem to like EAC (Exact Audio Copy). Here's a guide to using it with ogg vorbis: ... Ogg_Vorbis

EAC will consult the AccurateRip database:
The philosophy behind AccurateRip is quite simple - each time an audio track is ripped (recorded by computer) it is compared with rips from other people, this allows a confidence report to be generated.

Another program that can use that database is dBPowerAMP. I haven't used that one. EAC is freeware (but not "free software") but isn't particularly easy to set up and use. I think that dBPowerAMP costs. I haven't used it.

Another program that has favour in those circles is Foobar2000. It's essentially an audio player and has a very basic "no frills" interface, but it's extensible. It's possible to rip with that, too.

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