How to rip hidden 0 tracks from cds

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How to rip hidden 0 tracks from cds

Post by tolga »

Hi there,
I'm trying to figure how to read in hidden 0 tracks on some of my cds. These are tracks that are hidden in the pre-track gap of a song, usually in the first track.

To play them on a cd player you hold down the reverse seek button at the start of the song at which point it will "rewind" through the hidden track, once you get to the start of it you let go of the seek button and it plays the hidden song.

One example is Maxwell's Embrya CD, which has a secret 0 track called "Gestation: Mythos". I can hear it on my cd player but can't figure out how to rip it into my computer's music library.

There are quite a few albums with these. A partial list is here: ... dden_track

Though these included hidden last tracks on cds too, which I have no problems getting.

Thanks for any help/input!

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Re: How to rip hidden 0 tracks from cds

Post by jyroflux »

Well, I have this CD. Even though it lists Gestation: Mythos as track OO, I can't hear it no matter what I try. I tried your method on a few different players with no luck. My thought was to use something like Audio Hijack Pro to capture the sound. I don't think any of the rippers will be able to find the track.

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Re: How to rip hidden 0 tracks from cds

Post by sbooth »

I'm not sure if I have any discs with hidden track one audio (HTOA) for testing- I've looked before but didn't see any in my collection. In any case, only certain drives are able to access the hidden data.

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