Album artist vs. Track artist

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Album artist vs. Track artist

Post by jpoet »

I am a new Mac user. Just discovered Max, and it looks like it will replace EAC very nicely.

However, I ran into an issue on my very first use. I tried to rip my CD of "August Rush". It is a soundtrack with various artists. I would like all the tracks to be encoded with a Album Artist of "August Rush" (so when I sort by artist in my player, all the tracks are together), and then an appropriate Title Artist.

In MAX, if I set the Album Artist to "August Rush", and then let it use MusicBrainz to set the Track Artist, it does create the directory structure correctly when it rips the tracks. However, the TAGS are missing the Album Artist field. So, when I import the tracks into the music player, they are not grouped together when sorted by Artist. If I select "Get Info" within iTunes, for example, the Album Artist field is empty for all the tracks.

iTunes also has the concept of a "Sort Artist", which would probably work even better, but other music players don't seem to have that field.

Am I doing something wrong, or that a limitation of the software?


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Re: Album artist vs. Track artist

Post by sbooth »

Which format are you ripping to?
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Re: Album artist vs. Track artist

Post by Yonzie »

I made a bug about the same issue here:
It seems to me that the album artist tag is not used.
I'm ripping to ALAC and converting to AAC.
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Re: Album artist vs. Track artist

Post by JonPB »

My own observations about this issue:

When ripping and encoding a CD, Album Artist works perfectly for
placing the album on the hard drive. However, no tag seems to be
stored. When I re-encode the file, Track Artist is used.


The disc is Japanese Koto;
album artist is Ayako Lister, etc.;
track is Reiho;
track artist is Clive Bell. (Titles are shortened.)

File naming is:
{albumArtist}/{albumTitle}/{discNumber}-{trackNumber} {trackTitle}

Ripping and encoding to FLAC places file in:
Ayako Lister, etc./Japanese Koto/1-04 Reiho.flac
(This also works when ripping directly to MP3 or Vorbis.)

Re-encode to MP3 or Vorbis places file in:
Clive Bell/Japanese Koto/1-04 Reiho.mp3/ogg

The Tag software (also excellent--thank you!) does not show an album
artist tag, even in the advanced tab. If I add ALBUMARTIST as a
custom tag to the Flac file, Tag will show it. Even then, however,
re-encoding with Max produces:
Clive Bell/Japanese Koto/1-04 Reiho.mp3/ogg

My expected output would be to the same directory as when originally ripping:
Ayako Lister, etc./Japanese Koto/1-04 Reiho.mp3/ogg

(I want to manage two directory trees, one with lossless files and one
with lossy files, using a different Output Files location for each.)

This is using Max 0.8.1; r1381 behaves the same.
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