Some flac files will not paly in itunes 8?

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Some flac files will not paly in itunes 8?

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I am on a mac pro. I have a bunch of files that I ripped to my hard drive as .flac. I know that itunes will not play flac on it's own, so I installed Fluke. The other day I added all of my files into itunes but for some reason about half of them did not show up in itunes. The ones that did, do not have a track numbers when I look at the actual files on my drive. So I tried selecting a couple of these flac's, that did not show up in itunes, then I double clicked them and Fluke opened up and did it's work and added them to itunes. So I started going into each folder and selecting the flac's that did not show in itunes, it looks like it is all of the tracks with an actual track #. On alot of these, after I double click on them, max opens up a file conversion window. Do I have to go back an convert all of these flac files to something else? I am not sure why some flac's, even in the same folder, have loaded into itunes with no problem. If I do have to convert these flac is there any easy way to do this to multiple folders at once and have them saved in the appropriate folder?

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Re: Some flac files will not paly in itunes 8?

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I'm not familiar with fluke, so I can't comment why some flac files would work with it and some wouldn't.

As far as conversion with Max, you can drag any folders containing files you want to convert to the conversion window and all the files inside them will be added. You can specify the output folder as usual using Max's preferences.

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