Sync FLAC Library to MP3

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Sync FLAC Library to MP3

Post by kefa »

I have a large number of FLAC files which I use for archiving my CD collection and playing on my hi-fi via a Squeezebox. What I would like is some way to automate the synchronisation FLACs with their MP3 transcodes.

I can use Max to perform a one off MP3 transcode of all my existing FLACs and then set it to output in both formats for all subsequent CD rips. I then use the MP3 transcodes for playing in iTunes, iPods and other portable devices.

However, it would be cool if you could just sync an input directory of one format with an output directory of another format so that if files were added (not just by new CD rips) or changed it would be a simple process to reflect the changes in the output directory.

I was thinking that to maintain the link between source and target files you could take a unique key from each of the input files (such as a FLAC checksum) and use this as the filename in the output directory.

Does anyone know the best way that this could be achieved using Max or otherwise? (other than writing a script from scratch). Is anyone else interested in trying to achieve the same effect?

Appreciate any help.

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Post by atom »

i would welcome this feature as well. maybe just some applescript hooks or something and an external script could do this.
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Post by spies »

I use the wonderful script flac2mp3 by Robin Bowes does the trick.
Check it out.
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Post by kefa »

I will certainly do this. I was hoping for Intel support with the flac binaries. I tried to compile the source (Xcode) but ran in to the same problem as Steve, who has been kind enough to log these bugs as at Sourceforge.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a lot of progress here so it looks like I will have to make do with the PPC version under Rosetta.

Steve, any updates on the status of your bugs fix requests at Sourceforge. How did you get flac conversion to run native under Max? Is your gut feel that this would be easy or difficult to fix - I have no idea as I am just a newbie plastic programmer!
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Post by krmathis »

kefa. I took a look at Stephen's bug report:
[ 1422598 ] flac-1.1.2 compilation fails on Intel Macs

If I am right, you should be able to build FLAC on an Intel Mac if you disable assembly optimization.
With a ./configure line like this:
./configure --enable-static --disable-shared --disable-asm-optimizations
Mind you that I am on PowerPC, and have no way to test this.
Especially since I can't get FLAC to cross-compile
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Post by kefa »

thanks krmathis - you're a star. one lovely intel flac process running when I encode/decode! now back to that script...
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