Adding ripped cd's to Itunes?

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Adding ripped cd's to Itunes?

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I ripped a couple of hundred cd's with Max 8.1 and I am now trying to drag them into Itunes 8. I have all of my cd's ripped onto a second hard drive into a folder labeled "Music". Most are .aiff's, a few .flac, and a few .mpeg4. I opened up the itunes prefs., checked "Keep itunes music folder...", and also checked "group compilations...", everything else is unchecked. Then changed the itunes music folder location to the "Music" folder on the second hard drive. Then I selected add to library. Well about %50 of it was transferred over ok and I was able to add the artwork by using "get album artwork". But the majority do not have any artwork and itunes said it was unable to get it. The other issue is that allot of my .flac files did not get transferred over. The only ones that did where the flac files that did not have a track number. For some reason there was a few tracks, on most cd's, that did not have a track number. I am not sure how this happened, but itunes only transferred over flac files that had no track numbers. I did run the "Fluke" utility before I tried importing my files. Another issue is that itunes created a folder labeled "Unknown Artist" inside my "music" folder. Inside of that unknown artist folder are about 10 cd's with each artist name, but none of these cd's have track names, they all say either "unknown track" or just "track". Also inside the "Unknown Artist" folder is "Unknown Album". In this folder there are 3,979 tracks and all have track names but no artist names. In itunes, when I select the "unknown album" it says that there are only 88 tracks and none of those tracks have names, just "unknown track". If I do a search in itunes for one of the names of the tracks that's inside the "unknown album" folder, it will show up as being in the "unknown album". But when I search for unknown album it only show's me the 88 tracks with unknown names.

So to simplify things here are a few questions:
1) Importing flac files: I found that if I select the flac files that have track numbers, and double click, Fluke will add them to itunes. If I have to go into every folder and then select all of the tracks this could take forever. Is there an easier way to bring in all of these flacs?
2) How can I add artwork to my files in itunes? I have already tried get album artwork.
3) Unknown tracks: For all of the unknown tracks that don't have an artist name,this is inside itunes, is there an easy way to no which tracks correspond to which tracks on my hard drive? Then, how do I get the track names as well as artist into itunes? I did try "get cd track names".
4) Artist: How do I sort out the 3,979 tracks that do not have an artist names?

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Re: Adding ripped cd's to Itunes?

Post by jhart71 »

1) I haven't used FLAC or Fluke, so no comment.

2) You can manually add album artwork - in fact, doing so allows you more control over image quality. Just find the album art on the web, Get Info and then add it to the artwork pane. You can tag an entire album at once. Personally, I use Album Art Exchange ( because their quality is the best. NOTE: if your tags were accurate in iTunes, you'd get a lot more hits when you use Get Album Art -- but those images are "linked" and not embedded into the song files themselves.

3) Again, you can do this manually. Under Get Info, you can view the directory of the selected song at the bottom -- this should give you the artist name. You can edit the song within Get Info and just hit "next" to keep going . . . could take a while. I don't know a "batch" way of doing it, because most tagging happens at the rip stage.

Keep in mind that AIFF and WAV files do not support tags. Any information you might see in the folder/filenames is on the system level and is not tagged into the files themselves.

4) Most of this is answered by #3. This could be a painstaking process to do manually - but again, even doing this will not add tags to those AIFF or WAV files. You will have simply updated your iTunes database . . . if you move the songs to another computer they will not be tagged, and you'll be right back where you are now.

I wish you luck - I cringe whenever I see a library of "Untitleds"!

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