AIFF<>ALAC conversion retaining file/folder structure?

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AIFF<>ALAC conversion retaining file/folder structure?

Post by emmodad » Wed Oct 15, 2008 8:38 pm

over on the hoffman boards at ... ost3867322

the editor of NZ audio mag AudioEnz is looking to mass-convert between AIFF and ALAC files, and replicating an existing file/folder structure:

> I'm looking for an easy way to convert files ripped in iTunes between AIFF and Apple Lossless formats.
> Ideally I'd be able to find a program that will read from one folder and place the converted files, with the same folder structure, into another directory. Ideally.
> I know that iTunes itself will convert, but it then leaves both versions in the same folder, which is kinda useless if you're trying to save space.
> I need a solution that will work on my Mac. Any ideas?

can anyone respond as to if/how this is possible with MAX?

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Re: AIFF<>ALAC conversion retaining file/folder structure?

Post by sbooth » Thu Oct 16, 2008 6:42 pm

Max could do this if the folder structure can be gleaned by looking at the file's tags. For example, artist/album or some such. A more complex layout would not work with Max currently.

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