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Errors trying to convert to FLAC to AAC

Posted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 6:17 am
by evilskull
I am trying to convert some tracks in FLAC to AAC, and when that failed, to mp3, but I'm receiving "assertion failed" and "unable to initialize lame" errors. The following is from my console:

7/27/08 1:54:39 AM Max[99579] *** Assertion failure in -[CoreAudioEncoder encodeToFile:], /tmp/Max-0.8.1/Encoders/CoreAudioEncoder.m:149
7/27/08 2:06:18 AM Max[99616] *** Assertion failure in -[MP3Encoder encodeToFile:], /tmp/Max-0.8.1/Encoders/MP3Encoder.m:156

Max itself says "The call to AudioConverterSetProperty failed."

There is no crash on Max's end, it just errors out. I was able to decompress the FLAC files to Wav's successfully.

Any ideas?