Max doesn't spin drive up to full speed on MacBook Pro

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Max doesn't spin drive up to full speed on MacBook Pro

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I'm running into a problem where I'm getting very slow rips on my Penryn MacBook Pro, at least sometimes. Here's the behavior I'm seeing:

The drive appears to have three basic speeds: off (no spin), quiet spin, and noisy spin.

When I insert a disc, it usually spins up to noisy spin. After maybe 30 seconds, it goes to quiet spin. After a minute or two, it goes to off.

In iTunes, if I import a CD, iTunes always ratchets the drive to quiet spin and imports at 6xish. This is much of the reason I went searching for something else.

In Max, if I start importing while the drive is in noisy spin, I get 12x+. If I let the drive fall back to quiet spin, Max usually spins it back up to noisy spin and I get 12x+. Sometimes it doesn't, and I get 6x. If I let the drive go to full off, Max never spins it all the way up, and I always get 6x.

This doesn't appear to be a function of CD quality. Some CDs do end up being quiet spin immediately after insert, like the drive's spinning down to read a dirty disc, and these always rip at 6x. However, I can reproduce the above behavior with pretty much any disc straight from the shrinkwrap. This is all with the basic ripper. The other rippers are the expected fraction of this speed (i.e. roughly 0.5 for comparison ripper, etc.), so I think the speeds I'm seeing are a direct function of the drive spin/extraction rate.

I haven't hooked up an external drive yet for comparison, or tried this on anyone else's MBP (mostly because I don't know anyone else with one).

Has anyone seen this behavior? Is it possible Max needs something like EAC's "spin up the drive before ripping" option?
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