thanx and keep it up, sbooth

Discuss Max, an open source CD audio extractor and audio converter.
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thanx and keep it up, sbooth

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well, my first posting here. hi all. :)
sbooth, BIG BIG "thank you" for your apps, especially max i like.
me coming from the "windows-world", were EAC rulz. i was really surprised when i realized that in the mac-world it´s not that easy to find an audio-ripper/converter with "real" secure procedures.
in my eyes max is on the right way, surly now with the new 0.8 version. sbooth, just keep it up! you are doing a great job.

well, that´s all i wanted to say. ah, maybe just one more thing:
while searching the internet for audio-tools for osx i found this little app.
X Lossless Decoder
it´s free either like max, but i have not tried it out till now. who knows. maybe you, sbooth, can get in contact with the author of this app and exchange some knowledge or put your both powers together.
anyway, again: thanx!

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