Video editor needs advice/help

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Video editor needs advice/help

Post by Av8Chuck »

I'm a video editor using FCP which can't use compressed audio formats. I was hoping to use Max to convert caf's, wav and mpeg to AIFF's.

I converted a caf file to AIFF, iTunes would not open it but FCP would but it had six tracks. As you can tell I know nothing about audio and don't want to bore everyone here with beginner questions. :roll:

Are there any good tutorials, training or easy to understand manuals that would help me learn more about the best way to convert all of my audio files to AIFF's?

Any help would be appreciated. :mrgreen:

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Re: Video editor needs advice/help

Post by woZa »

Sounds like the file you tried to convert was a 5.1 surround file - hence the six tracks & yes, itunes can't cope with surround files.

You can use Max to do just what you want.

Simply open up the Preferences > Formats
Select AIFF from the Available output formats
Click the + button
Click OK (defaults should be fine 16 bit big endian & aif extension)
Make sure this is the only selected output format (the only one with a tick next to it)
Select your output directory, drag the files you want to convert into the File Conversion box and click convert.

Job done!

If you are into video editing, another great freeware app worth looking at is mpegstreamclip. Oh and there is no benefit in converting a wav file to aif as they are both uncompressed formats and FCP can deal with wav files no problem. It should be able to handle a lot of compressed formats too - what version are you using? Version 6 can handle aac, alac, mp3 etc...

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