Optimal settings for FLAC

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Optimal settings for FLAC

Post by Horus »

I want to archive my CD collection using FLAC. Are there any optimal recommended settings? I'm using the latest unstable Max version on Leopard.

Since FLAC is loseless I don't think there are any settings that effect quality. What is about the reserved space (default = 8192 byte) for metadata? Compression level I've set the highest (=8). Encoding is still way faster then ripping. As ripping method I selected cdparanoia.

Anything that should be changed?


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Re: Optimal settings for FLAC

Post by krmathis »

Correct, the FLAC settings apply to compression level only. Its lossless not matter which setting.
Quality 8 is fine, since it encode faster than Max are able to rip the CD...
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