MAX File Conversion (WMP to FLAC?)

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MAX File Conversion (WMP to FLAC?)

Post by Shamsky »

Two Questions for the experts:

1. Can MAX convert a Windows Media Player file (WMP) to FLAC?

2. If MAX can convert a WMP, does it leave the resolution unaltered?

The website "Music Giants" sells high resolution music files as downloads (claimed at 24bit/96kHz) but only
in WMP format.

If I can convert them to FLAC using MAX, then my Slimdevices Transporter device can play them back at this
high resolution. Most of the files that Music Giants offer in 2 channel are DRM free and those are the files
that I am interested in purchasing if MAX can convert them to FLAC.


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Re: MAX File Conversion (WMP to FLAC?)

Post by sbooth »

Max cannot currently convert WMP files.

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