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I don't know how others are using the application, but I do use it to do different things at different times, like ripping a CD to FLAC, converting between encodings and now splitting files. Each time, different preferences from different panes must be changed because the encoding used, the destination, etc. are different. And it often happens that I forget to change something in one of the panes...

For my kind of usage at least, it would be very useful to be able to save COMPLETE profiles. I mean ALL the preferences. What I would envision is another Preferences pane, called 'Profiles'. It would contain a list of the existing profiles, with buttons for duplicating, erasing or renaming the currently selected profile. By default, it would contain a single profile named 'Default', so if one does not need different profiles, life would be as easy at it is today. It would be even more useful if the 'Max' menu would include a 'Profile >' item, allowing one to instantly select one of the profiles like one selects a 'Network' profile in the Apple menu.

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