Where to put the "iTunes CD Info script"?

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Where to put the "iTunes CD Info script"?

Post by Nubben »


I have compiled the iTunes Metadata script and saved/named it "Obtain CD info from iTunes..." on my desktop. I also followed the directions by one poster and put the script in User/Library/Scripts/Applications/ and created a "Max" directory there.

Unfortunately the script menu does not show up in Max like it does in iTunes.

What am I doing wrong?

Any help much appreciated.



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Re: Where to put the "iTunes CD Info script"?

Post by Fuga »

What works for me:

1) save script as application bundle.

2) name it

3) open iTunes

4) open Max

5) insert CD

6) wait a moment for iTunes to have grabbed tags

7) open stand alone app/script (I have mine set to run via hotkey.)

The app "opens," does it's thing to Max, then quits itself.

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Re: Where to put the "iTunes CD Info script"?

Post by rydenfan »

Do not forget if you are buring a multi-disc album you need to go into itunes and delete the disc numbers, as this creates an error in the script.

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