Will iTunes equalizer affect the sound permanently?

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Will iTunes equalizer affect the sound permanently?

Post by Nubben »

Hi all,

Besides using Max as my preferred CD ripper I recently decided to move from FLAC to ALAC since I wanted to keep everything in iTunes. My process:

1. Used Max to convert FLAC to AIFF (I know I can do it to ALAC directly but decided to go through AIFF first for various reasons).

2. Imported AIFF's to iTunes.

3. Tagged all AIFF's

4. Converted to ALAC using iTunes.

I became concerned when I heard there was slight distortion on the converted tracks - almost like they were clipping. The bass was not clear at all, almost muddy at times and distorted. Not terribly bad though but still... The FLAC files sounded much better when playing them in the app XLD for instance. Go figure!

Then I noticed that I had left the "Sound Enhancer" on in iTunes and that the equalizer setting was on at "Flat". I immediately turned these off and noticed a slight improvement, although some distortion was still present.

Now, my questions are:

1. Will the Sound Enhancer and Equalizer settings have affected the sound quality of the ALAC files permanently or are these settings added "on top" of the files and are reversible?

2. Also, could it have been the Max decoder which caused the distortion.

Not an expert when it comes to iTunes'/Max's settings so any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!


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Re: Will iTunes equalizer affect the sound permanently?

Post by sbooth »

Max should not have affected the audio in any way for a FLAC to AIFF conversion.

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