FLAC with Log and CUE -- like EAC

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FLAC with Log and CUE -- like EAC

Post by mshick »

I was wondering if there is some secret way to generate a FLAC rip (separate files for each track) with a Log and single CUE sheet, similar to EAC. Most of my searching seems to indicate this is not possible at present.

This is mostly a concern because some online communities give preference to rips generated with those files. I've just been using Max anyway, the ease of use and elegance of it is just too much to pass up, but I'd be very happy to have a 100% replacement for EAC on Mac. I'm wondering if easy Log/CUE creation might make its way into a future release?

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Re: FLAC with Log and CUE -- like EAC

Post by Justus »

Your best bet would be Xact (http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/14246/xact). And that's if you can get it to work with your drive, which is not the case in my situation. But, here's a tutorial on how to use it to rip to Flac files along with a log file:http://puddletowndesign.com/FLAC/macRipping
Now, as far as getting a cue file out of xact, I'm not too sure about that.

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Re: FLAC with Log and CUE -- like EAC

Post by aka »

ah, the age old question... :wink:

anyway, to generate a cue with xACT: shntool/drag files to window/cue radio button/call shntool

Max is so darn pretty - I just wish it could pop out an xACT-like LOG!

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Re: FLAC with Log and CUE -- like EAC

Post by metaclam »

i second this and third it for good measure.

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Re: FLAC with Log and CUE -- like EAC

Post by antiaverage »

I don't understand why this hasn't been discussed more...

A Log file describing the encryption process and the details of the encryption used for each file is highly desirable for keeping a nice catalog of organized music. You will always know exactly how each file in each folder was created. This is handy!

The CUE file is not so necessary, but is welcome. FLAC stores the CUE information within itself for individual files, but the separate file would be nice to have for a batch of FLAC files (despite it not being totally necessary, some people like it and it seems like a simple addition...) This would definitely boost Max ahead of xACT and EAC.

EDIT: Nevermind, more digging later and found this -> http://trac.sbooth.org/Max/ticket/22

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