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persistent windows

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Not sure if this has come up before; if so consider this a bump.

I really need to have windows persist session to session. That is, it would so make my Max use so much more elegant if I could choose to have the Files Conversion, Preferences, and the Main CD ripping windows to always be open when I start Max. It's a pretty safe bet that each time I fire up Max it's for a different use than the previous - not that I do all that many things, just that there's no telling what it'll be (and sometimes more than one purpose): sometimes I'm ripping to ALAC, sometimes to FLAC, ALAC, and AAC (maybe even MP3), sometimes it's just converting files already ripped and these times sometimes ALAC, sometimes, FLAC, etc. etc. Compounding this is too damn often I'm also wanting a different Output location. At the least I'd like the Preferences window to be persistent.

Thanks for your consideration.
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