Can we submit info to MusicBrainz?

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Can we submit info to MusicBrainz?

Post by dlipofsky »

I am using Max 0.7.1 on OSX 10.4.
I don't see any way to submit track & title information to the MusicBrainz database.
I looked in the help pages, but they all referenced FreeDB, which if I understand
correctly is what Max used to use but then it switched to MusicBrainz.
The help pages mention selecting Submit to FreeDB from the
Compact Disc menu but this option does not seem to exist anymore
and I don't see any other submit options.

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Re: Can we submit info to MusicBrainz?

Post by sbooth »

Currently there is no way to submit disc info to MusicBrainz using Max.

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Re: Can we submit info to MusicBrainz?

Post by Mike1 »

You could submit by other means, however. Here's the site:

As you can see, they encourage users to edit any entry they find with wrong information in it:

That seems to work via a web interface. I'd guess submission of new material could be made via a tagging program. They have a download link for one for OS X with the charming name "iEatBrainz!". I am guessing a bit here, because I haven't tried any of this: I don't really like Music Brainz's taxonomy and tend to use other services myself.

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