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Going Crazy Ripping CD's

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2007 3:36 am
by makhay
Well i have been trying to rip cds using MAX, i really enjoy the user interface and since i would like to be in charge of ripping and managing my own music collection, this works out great!

Though i when ripping with max my cd rom drive seems to go crazy, i thought maybe it was the CD but it isnt, when i rip using itunes i have no issues. Typically speaking i will select all tracks to be ripped, but then it rips a few tracks, with my cd player being quite loud, then i can here i spin down, as if it is loosing power, then max freezes and i have to eject the CD, re insert it, then continue. like i said, i thought maybe it was my macbook, but i ripped the same cd in itunes with no issues.

the error i receive in the log is "unable to read international standard recording code (ISRC) for Track #"

help me out please?!