Really need help with the .cue sheets

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Really need help with the .cue sheets

Post by djricekcn »

OK, first of all, I'm not really familiar with these things so I might need things explained in a bit details. I looked through previous posts but couldn't really find what I was looking for.

Well, this is what I'm trying to do:
I'm basically trying to make a .cue sheet of the entire cd, but when I rip it as INDIVIDUAL TRACKS (not together as one file), it makes a .cue for each song, but not the CD as a whole. Is there anyway I can make it do that and not a .cue for each track (which I see no point to it at all). I know Exact Audio Copy does it, but unfortunately, I only have a Macintosh computer. If Max doesn't allow me to do this, will there be any other applications that can do this on a Mac?

I appreciate everyone's help.

Oh, I also read this on the forums that you can't give the embded one file (with multiple tracks) .flac cue file names but there's a work around it (though a bit hassle). Just make that multipletrack.flac without a .cue sheet. Once that's done, make one for the mp3 but with cue sheet. After that's done, open the .cue file it made form the mp3 with a text program and just change the MP3 within the brackets to flac and the one outside to WAVE

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Re: Really need help with the .cue sheets

Post by NoName »

When ripping a CD to individual tracks, there really isn't much point that I can see in generating a CUE sheet for the album. The primary purpose of CUE sheets is to enable single-file albums to be burned properly as multi-track audio CDs.
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