Some tracks won't play

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Some tracks won't play

Post by juma »

I have a Majik DSI, sourced by a Mac mini, connected via ethernet. Library
managed in iTunes. When I convert FLAC files into AIFF in my iTunes library
with MAX, the Majik DSI sees all the tracks (visible in Kinsky), but only
plays some tracks. Any idea what the problem is and what I should do to make
the Majik play all the tracks?

I asked the above question to Linn and this is their answer:

It may be that the required header information of the AIFF files is at the
bottom of the file. The correct format is for this information to be at the
top of the file. This information not being at the top of the file would
make it unplayable on the DS player. There is no way to rectify this as it
is part of the file header. Is it possible that MAX is not converting the
files correctly?

Anyone got an answer/solution for my problem?

Thanks for any help!
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Re: Some tracks won't play

Post by mattn »

If you really think Max is at fault, convert the very same FLAC files to AIFF using some other application, such as XLD or even the flac command-line tool, and see what happens.
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