Which is better

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Which is better

Post by Stevelgbch »

MAX or the iTunes ripper in OSX? If MAX is appreciably better, then I might take a chance using it again. I used it for a year or so but I stopped using it when the white noise it produced caused me to blow a tweeter on my speaker that cost me over $2000 to repair. This noise happened quite often and I used to usually just delete the files where it happened, until one day I had the volume level much higher than I usually listen and one of the files I hadn't listened to before did its whitenoise thing and blew the tweeter. So I stopped listening to ripped files or at a way reduced level.

I ripped these CD files with MAX at 24 bit (thinking 24 would be better than 16 bit) ,and with CDparanoia. I read places that CDparanoia might cause the brief but powerful white noise I was getting. Also, I decided to use iTunes to convert the 24 bit files to 16 bit. Most of the files that used to have white noise now were free of this white noise. So, I'm wondering if I can use MAX at 16 bits NO CDparanoia without getting white noise? Do I then have to listen to each album after it has been ripped to make sure it is free of any instance of tweeter blowing noise. (This noise happened only for a few seconds, only sporadically on any random album always in the same spot in that file.)

BUT, if MAX is not way better, I'll continue to use iTunes. I don't have need for anything but CD to AIFF. (I'm afraid to use MAX now because of my disastrous previous results). Thanks!

Also, is there a file sniffing app that can run through my files looking for loud white noise.
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Re: Which is better

Post by sbooth »

I'm sorry to hear about your tweeter, that is too bad.

The answer really depends on the condition of your discs. If they are new, then iTunes will most likely give the same results as any other ripper. It's only in the case of damaged discs that the other rippers are clearly superior from a quality perspective.
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Re: Which is better

Post by mattn »

I wouldn't trust the iTunes ripper further than I can throw it.

I've ripped over a thousand CDs to FLAC/CUE with XLD and then threw the CDs away, and I can confidently assure you that it didn't insert any extraneous noises in any of them, plus you get all kinds of accuracy checks (double ripping, AccurateRip online database, etc.); you might want to give it a try.

I'm not being disloyal to Max here, but XLD is a dedicated ripper, whereas Max's strength is file format conversion.
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