Will there be any further dev on Max?

Discuss Max, an open source CD audio extractor and audio converter.
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Will there be any further dev on Max?

Post by wiredup72 »

I have used your app for years. It was definitely the best converter for batch conversions written for OS X ever. Ever. And I have used a lot of them. Going back to the original macOS and all the Windows variants.

Are you planning on developing the app any further?

Especially fixing the crap Apple broke with El CRAPitan?

Or should I finally switch back to Switch, even though its a paid app? I would buy Max for $19 or so if it was maintained, fixed the current issues, and was maintained for the next few iterations of the new MacOS.

Thanks for your past work. great job.

ps, one app niche that I think hasn't been filled adequately is an iOS player for Twonky, DNLA, UPnP. There are several apps out there, but they are all glitchy. AirPlayer shat the bed. Media Connect is slow and doesn't always read the libraries right. VLC is lame in that they won't connect to a real music server. VOX sucked. I may purchase iPeng since LMS is on my server also, but LMS uses more resources than Twonky.
Oh well.
I would trust something you've written if you are looking for an iOS project.
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Re: Will there be any further dev on Max?

Post by dadrepus »

I, too, would pay for Max as I like the things it does, if only it would do things consistantly. See my post above, as I have not been able to process a cd ever since that error came up. So, right now the application is useless. But when it worked, it was super.
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