FLAC to LAME -V0 ?

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FLAC to LAME -V0 ?

Post by endrest »

I haven't downloaded this software, yet.. really don't want to mess around with it if it's not going to do what I want it to do. After some searching, I believe this app may be able to convert FLAC to LAME V0, but I'm not 100% positive. Is this correct? I tried searching this forum, but, and I kid you not, it said my query was 'ignored because there were too many ordinary words'.
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Re: FLAC to LAME -V0 ?

Post by mattn »

Not really. It will certain convert FLAC to MP3 using LAME, but what it doesn't let you do is set your own precise command-line LAME options. Thus there is no way to specify exactly "V0" in Max. If that's important to you, I would advise that you install LAME (if you haven't already) as a command-line tool and set up a workflow where you convert from FLAC to AIFF or WAV and from there to a command-line milieu where you can give the exact conversion parameters you want. Max can help you with that because it can convert from FLAC to AIFF or WAV along with a specified post-processing application. However, I think you're going to lose your tags in the process.
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Re: FLAC to LAME -V0 ?

Post by kai_h »

Max will let you create a LAME -V0 file - in fact, the interface that Max uses is almost identical to the reference interface that LAME suggest


They suggest that as you're using a GUI, then expose the options that are more suited to a graphical environment, rather than having to use textual shortcuts on a command line.

If you create an MP3 using Max with the following settings, it is a LAME -V0

Encoder quality: Custom
Encoder target: Quality
Encoding engine quality: High
Stereo mode: Default
Quality: 100
Variable bitrade mode: Fast
Bitrate: leave as is - it's disabled as you're aiming for a target quality

The options that will be passed through to LAME to encode the file are identical to the options that are specified by using -V0 as a shortcut on the command line.
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