Max 0.5.1 released

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Max 0.5.1 released

Post by sbooth »

I am pleased to announce the release of Max 0.5.1!

This is primarily a bug fix release that remedies multithreaded issues in 0.5 that led to "Application Unexpectedly Quit" alerts and user interface glitches.

There are, however, numerous additional features that enhance usability.

You may download Max 0.5.1 (1.32 MB).

Here is the brief summary of changes:

New features:
  • Complete online help
  • Added ability to set the Ogg Vorbis quality numerically
  • Added FreeDB proxy support
  • Improved Converter/Encoder window appearance
  • Added disk free space field to Converter/Ripper/Encoder windows
  • Added option to automatically encode all tracks on disc insert
  • Added option to disable dynamic showing/hiding of windows
  • Added option to automatically close window after encoding
  • Added option to specify directory for temporary files
  • Added Growl notifications for Ripping/Encoding/Conversion Complete
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed multithreaded issues that could lead to "Application Unexpectedly Quit" and user interface glitches
  • Max now refuses to convert/rip if no output formats are selected
  • Discs will no longer auto-rip if FreeDB query fails
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