Comment Tag and Other Tags

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Comment Tag and Other Tags

Post by Tony »

Longtime Tag user, didn't know that a new version was out (Tag 0.4-.1>Update did not report a new version), but happy to see it's still in development, however I have the following problems:

Comment Field (in Misc) is not displaying my Comment
(My Flac Name is: COMMENT, Tag1.03 is using: DESCRIPTION)
Not all FLAC Tags used by SqueezeBox are supported (they were in Tag 0.4.1): i.e.: ALBUMSORT
See: ... portedTags
Artwork in the right panel is not filling the "box" (I use 600x600 images)
All this is in FLAC files.

Now, I can understand that you can't have a field for every tag as FLAC supports users defined fields, however, an Advanced View is needed in Tag1.03 as in Tag0.4.1
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Re: Comment Tag and Other Tags

Post by sbooth »

I agree that an Advanced view would be a valuable feature. I'm looking for a way to implement it cleanly.