adding files from more than one album

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adding files from more than one album

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In Max, when I add files they go in order of when they were added. That is, if I add all the files from one folder then drop in another folder's worth of files, they go at the end of the line (or, actually, wherever I put the pointer).

In Tag they are automatically sorted by alpha-numeric. I much prefer the former behavior a la Max. But, since I too often need to tag first (and want the tag to be permanent, i.e. not just for the time the file is used by Max) I need Tag. But this ordering function screws my workflow. Presently I do one set at a time (and so then wait that bit of time for them all to save). It'd be much better to have any number of sets in Tag and then save them all at once, during which time I can go be productive instead of the twiddling my thumbs.

Any chance to implement in some form?

Thanks for any consideration,