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Decibel/Exasound ASIO/Quad DSD/Mac OS X

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 9:59 am
by JimiZeen
Hi, I have an annoying problem running quad rate, native DSD, via the (Exasound) ASIO driver setup and an Exasound DAC on Decibel (Mac OS X). I can run single and double rate DSD fine but Quad gives me one of two error messages. It says,

- "The format of the file.... is not supported. The file's format is not supported by the selected output device."
(if I try to play quad DSD following a single or double rate DSD file)


- "error occurred while opening the file..."
(if I try to play a quad DSD file straight off the bat)

I have two digital records in Quad rate DSD so would like to resolve this issue so that I can get the full use out of my Quad DSD Exasound DAC, with the ASIO driver they recommend using.

Can anyone help?