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Decibel 1.3b9 testing

Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2014 3:36 am
by sbooth
I am requesting beta testers for the new version of Decibel.

First off, this is not the next major update with library management. Sorry! It has been far too long since Decibel 1.2 was updated and 2.0 is coming along much more slowly than I'd like.

The link for the ninth beta is <removed>

Please give it a try and let me know what your experiences are.

Re: Decibel 1.3b1 testing

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2014 1:34 am
by stormfriend
I didn't realise this was still in development, so this is great news! I've only tried the new version for a few minutes but I can report the following on a 2014 MBPr running 10.9.3:
  • Optical output worked fine (in the brief time I tried it).
    USB output to the Chord Hugo didn't - I got a loud hiss and the music was very distorted, though recognisable. The same was true whether the system output was set to Hugo or to something else. USB output to the Chord Hugo in v1.2.11 works fine.
    Output mode is fixed on Core Audio and ASIO isn't selectable regardless of output device.

Re: Decibel 1.3b1 testing

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2014 2:06 am
by stormfriend
In both 1.2.11 and 1.3b1 the text at the bottom of the screen (that lists the number of tracks) is slightly blurred on the 13" retina display when set to 'best for display' or any of the scaled options listed, but ceases to be blurred when the screen is set to 1920x1080 by attaching an external TV.

Re: Decibel 1.3b3 testing

Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2014 11:22 pm
by stormfriend
I missed b2 but I'm playing with b3 now and the Hugo is working correctly again. The tests below were with USB:

24/44.1, 24/88.2, 24/96 and 24/192 all seemed to work fine on a first run through.
DSD64 works but I got a moment with 'processor overload', or something like that, which then sorted itself out and carried on playing. I'm downloading some DSD128 and DXD but they're taking their sweet time so it'll be tomorrow before I can play those.

On DSD64 if I jump to 10 seconds from the end of the track it doesn't jump to that time in the track. I can't identify what point it jumps to, but it plays merrily on until 0.00 time remaining and then abruptly ends, so it knows the timer has ended even though the track hasn't musically. It's fine if played through from the beginning iirc. On FLAC files it jumps correctly and ends as expected.

Going from a FLAC track to the DSD64 track (allowing the playlist to run in sequence) I just get quiet hiss and very quiet music in the background (as though the neighbours are playing it next door). Going from DSD64 to FLAC using the playlist works fine, and just clicking on the DSD track to play it is fine too.

On DSD64 the columns for Duration, Sample Rate, Bit Rate and Format all show as 'unknown'. Apart from filename those are the only columns I use so I haven't tested any others.

I also have a legacy issue where some mp3 tracks show as 'unknown' in the Duration, Sample Rate and Bit Rate columns too, but that was true with 1.2.11. Some mp3s show 'unknown' for just Duration and Bit Rate.

The track count and total duration in the status bar at the bottom are still blurred.

Re: Decibel 1.3b4 testing

Posted: Sat Jun 14, 2014 2:41 am
by sbooth
Thanks for trying out the betas!

The blurry text is due to subpixel antialiasing (or the lack thereof) on animated text layers. In order for the text on the bottom bar to animate this is the price one pays. It's unfortunate.

The DoP support is preliminary, and I'm glad it's working for the most part. DSF files have full metadata support but DFF files don't. I assume the files with Unknown duration, sample rate, etc. are DFF?

Re: Decibel 1.3b4 testing

Posted: Sat Jun 14, 2014 9:58 am
by stormfriend
Yep, the files showing no details are .dff

DSD64 works fine over DoP but DSD128 doesn't. I get the error message: "The file's sample rate is not supported for DSD over PCM." I tried sending DSD128 with DoP unticked and got the error message "An error occurred while starting playback." I don't know if that's the Hugo or Decibel - the Hugo is capable of playing DSD128 but I've never tried it.

DXD (352k) works fine on USB and downsamples to 176k on the optical output.

Is there some way to enable ASIO Stereo in the options (do I need to install something) or is that still being worked on? Are there any benefits to using ASIO?

Edit: this is still on b3. I'll give b4 a test shortly.

Re: Decibel 1.3b4 testing

Posted: Sat Jun 14, 2014 10:57 am
by stormfriend
b4 testing:

DSD128 now works fine on USB using DoP. Over optical I get the faint noise and extremely quiet music like neighbours playing, even when the track is clicked on directly. I'm not sure optical actually supports DSD128 but it's trying, bless it :-)

I still get the noise and incredibly quiet music when the playlist moves from FLAC or mp3 to DSD. I don't have that issue when the playlist goes from DXD to DSD, nor do I have the issue when the playlist moves from DSD to FLAC. This is identical to the sound when attempting to play DSD128 over optical.

I still get "An error occurred while starting playback." when attempting to play DSD without DoP, using both optical and USB.

Jumping ahead in a DSD track still confuses the counter.

ASIO is still greyed out.

When playing DSD128 over optical (super-quiet and hiss) and then letting it run into 16/44 FLAC I got a brief hiccup in the FLAC track, though it recovered and continued. The FLAC otherwise plays normally.

Re: Decibel 1.3b4 testing

Posted: Sat Jun 14, 2014 12:20 pm
by sbooth
The transitions between regular PCM and DoP are causing some headaches. I am not sure if the issues are DAC-specific or related to DoP in general.

ASIO requires special drivers- currently only exaSound ( supports ASIO on OS X.

The "error occurred while starting playback" should really say "DSD not supported by this device". I will try to make the error message clearer.

Re: Decibel 1.3b6 testing

Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2014 4:36 pm
by stormfriend
Thanks for the details. As nobody is likely to have a playlist that requires gapless links between PCM and DSD can't you just stop the playback and restart it again immediately when the format changes, as if clicking on the next file directly?

Out of curiosity, what's the situation with integer support? I thought Decibel had it prior to Mavericks, but I can't see any options for it. Is that something that will return (if indeed it went away)?

Re: Decibel 1.3b9 testing

Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2014 5:58 am
by mvcl
I am finding two .ape/cue albums are not playing past the first song with the current beta. They do play as expected with version 1.2. What can I do or try to collect any error log or diagnostic output?

Re: Decibel 1.3b9 testing

Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2014 11:53 am
by sbooth
Logging can be enabled in the Advanced preferences; Info will write the most information. Decibel starts a new log each time it is launched and it is saved in ~/Library/Logs/Decibel.log

If you're willing to share the offending ape/cue pair I will take a look at it specifically.