Graceful handling of multi-disc albums?

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Graceful handling of multi-disc albums?

Post by Alexk »

Loving Decibel... It seems to be the right balance of features for me. Thanks!

My only complaint at this point is that it doesn't handle multiple-disc-albums very well - it lists by track number rather than disc-then-track, so if discs 1 and 2 have the same name, it mucks up play order. (noted during direct import and through iTunes, where it displays correctly). Any chance of getting that amended in a future release?
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Re: Graceful handling of multi-disc albums?

Post by sbooth »

There is a Disc column available in the playlist that isn't show by default- control clicking on the column headers will pop up a menu allowing the disc column to be selected and shown. Once it's visible you should be able to arrange the sort order to get things the way you want.