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Those not-quite-compliant playlists ...

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2013 5:21 pm
by Hyram
So far so good, I'm enjoying the lean mean Deibel machine (and it works flawlessly with the old Griffin Firewave interface, for the record) but I have two quibbles.

Firstly, playlist files. Specifically, it refuses to read existing .M3U files created with other programs (eg Winamp, clementine) that use extended tagging. For reasons that are at the moment unclear, Decibel creates and can read a standard M3U file, but absolutely refuses to read the now-defacto-standard extended M3U file format. Playlist files created by Decibel can be read by other programs, but to do so is a destructive process, as these other programs will add extended tagging as a matter of course. If I create a .M3U playlist in Decibel and subsequently open that file in Winamp for Mac Sync, clementine, Winamp (on Windows), or Sonora, that file can no longer be opened by Decibel.

Secondly, Decibel does not adhere to the Human Interface Guidelines regarding window management. Specifically, closing all windows should not quit the program. I like minimalism, and I really like the idea of being able to keep listening to music without having a dedicated window open, or even hidden. Dock control is sufficient, one should not need to keep a separate window open with the current playlist.