Decible & Bryston BDA-1 not working?

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Decible & Bryston BDA-1 not working?

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I have downloaded the 48 hour trial version of Decible and am trying to play music via a USB cable through a Bryston BDA-1. The Bryston Sample Rate indicator is reading "44k1" and the "Lock" LED is lit up. I've tried a number of 24 bit flac files up to 192k with no change. Should the Sample Rate indicator not be indicating a 192k sample rate coming from Decible?

Anyone have any idea what might not be working properly? Am I missing something simple?

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Re: Decible & Bryston BDA-1 not working?

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If you open Decibel's preferences is the "Automatically adjust sample rate for best quality" option checked? If you are playing a 192 KHz file and your DAC supports that sample rate, then Decibel should change the device's sample rate if everything is working correctly.