State of Decibel?

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State of Decibel?

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Hi, Stephen. :-)

It's been a while since you mentioned anything on how Decibel is going, I truly hope development is still active.

Here's a maybe not-so-crazy idea? I've been looking at how Synology makes their NAS, the DiskStation, and how their Audio Station app worked. I own a DiskStation for a brief time, and absolutely loved the concept of how one was able to access their entire music library, (lossy and lossless) over TCP/IP via an iOS app. My only gripe was you would have to use the DiskStation to store the music.

What if there was a feature like this in Decibel? Create a companion app to listen to your music from anywhere in the world?

Just some food for thought.
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Re: State of Decibel?

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Decibel is still under development. I have a bug fix release pending that fixes compatibility with AirPlay in Mountain Lion. Now that I've released Tag I have more time to dedicate to the next major version of Decibel. In order to publish it on the MAS I have to implement sandboxing, which is turning out to require a bit of redesign.
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Re: State of Decibel?

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Many vendors who work at a low level in the OS are not releasing their software through the app store. They're continuing to do it on their own.

I also see two versions of software being released from a vendor: the original which was purchased by the 'old' user base and a version with more restricted functionality for sale in the app store. I can't imagine the headaches involved in maintaining two code bases for a single product.

Just something to think about.