play Spotify and Pandora through Decibel

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play Spotify and Pandora through Decibel

Post by spesner »

I have just purchased Decibel; Ive been using an app called Hear ( and I can play Spotify and Pandora and even iTunes through this app - i.e. I can adjust equalizer presets and play around with other aspects of sound adjustment functions;

I understand Decibel can only receive and adjust sound input via iTunes player prior to going to an external DAC and then my speakers;

Do you envision or is it even possible currently, to route these other sources (i.e. Spotify) through Decibel now or in the future, I understand "Hog mode" is not really applicable to this,

besides the comments and questions in your forum, which are helpful - do you have any other suggestions for sites/articles/documents that would contribute to our understanding

Thanks (Im just getting the hang of the technical jargon as well as the technical functionality of the many computer audio components)

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Re: play Spotify and Pandora through Decibel

Post by sbooth »

I'm not sure I completely understand your question. It was hard to tell from the Hear website, but do you have to select Hear as an output device? Decibel definitely doesn't have provisions to capture or redirect output from other programs, which I assume Hear must do in order to apply equalization, etc.