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iTunes Browser Configure plug-in help

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:45 am
by eddiemouse
My iTunes dropdown was a perfect replica of my playlist in the current iTunes. I was playing around with Configure plug-in of iTunes Browser just to see what it did. Now I can't get back to the original. The Playlist showing now is an old one. I tried removing all the previous libraries but still I can't find my way back to the current one.

Is there a preference I can trash to start over? I also tried choosing other libraries and then back to /User/Music/iTunes and the Playlist that shows up in Decibel is still a ghost from the past.

Help anyone?

++ I forgot to add.. If I highlight some things in the Music or Library list and click Add Selected nothing happens.

Re: iTunes Browser Configure plug-in help

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:44 pm
by sbooth
You can delete Decibel's entire preference file (in ~/Library/Preferences/org.sbooth.Decibel.plist), but the preference controlling this in particular is called PlugIn.iTunesBrowser.iTunesLibraryURL if you want to delete just that.

Re: iTunes Browser Configure plug-in help

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:06 pm
by eddiemouse
I've got it. I was trying "Fidelia" today and learned what happened. Fidelia opened with the same wrong list! And they also have an option to choose a different library.

When I told Fidelia to Choose an iTunes library I had the same file list to choose from as in Decibel. But in Fidelia the actual .xml library file is selectable. In Decibel it is grey and only the iTunes Folder is selectable.

OK, so with Fidelia I saw there were two library files to choose from! One said "iTunes Library.xml" and another said "iTunes Music library.xml". I checked in the Finder and the date for the "Music library" file was a year old. The date for the "Library" file was current. So in Fidelia I could force choose "iTunes Library.xml" and sure enough, I got the current Playlist list.

Back in Decibel I saw the two library files but they were grey and I couldn't select a particular one. So in the Finder I changed the name of the older library file. Then when the Choose dialogue came up there was an exclamation point. Yay. So I re-chose my iTunes location and sure enough, I got the correct list once again.

I don't know if that other "Music Library" file was always there but my iTunes window was not using it. But Decibel started selecting it as default once I started monkeying around. Originally Decibel did show the correct library.