playback problem

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playback problem

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dear Decibel,

the software sounds great. Though I do have a problem. If I play 96/24 FLAC's the playback seems to be fine. If I play 44.1 Apple Lossless than the playback starts giving problems. At first sound is fine, then gives cracks, then stops. File keeps on playing, but without sound. My setup is a MacBook Pro, with a HRT Music Streamer II+. Do you have any advice what to about this?

It doesn't happen when I switch to internal speakers of my MacBook.
iTunes with HRT music streamer II+ is fine.
Decibel with HRT is not fine. Problem is especially with 44.1 files (lossless ripped cd's)
Decibel with internal speakers is also fine.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,