Decibel - what a great player & amazing value

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Decibel - what a great player & amazing value

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This is a blatant fan letter:)

I have a pretty high end 2 channel/5 channel home theater system with the 2 channel consisting of Wilson Watt Puppy 7's. Audio Research Mono Block Amps, Integra DHC 80.2 Processor Front End, Empirical Audio Off Ramp 3 USB interface, Mini Mac Music server, Transparent Audio Cables. Fairly new to computer playback digital audio and have been auditioning the various popular playback software options, ranging in price from $700 and down. While all of the software options are pretty impressive, I have to have that my fav is Decibel! That it is only $33 (currently) is a incredible value. It has become my player of choice and I while I would be certainly willing and able to pay for the more expensive playback software, I am completely satisfied and thrilled with Decibel.

My sincere compliments and thanks to the developer!

The next step in my system progression is to upgrade my USB / Mini Mac interface from the Off Ramp 3 (excellent unit BTW) to something that can handle 192k files, which is the limit of the Integra (which is also an amazing value, especially since in can perform many duties... high end DAC...surround sound processor...Audyssey Pro processing and much more).

If anyone has any recommendations for a higher end USB interface (192k capable) I would appreciate hearing.