Feature Suggestion: Bit Perfect Mode

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Feature Suggestion: Bit Perfect Mode

Post by HdS » Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:16 am

Most CD players are bit perfect right out of the box. Computers are trickier in this respect. To ensure bit perfect playback from a computer, the user may have to disable digital volume controls, volume normalization, crossfade, and other menu options. Still after all this there is no simple test to confirm that the output is bit perfect. The procedure to achieve bit perfect playback may be just too complex for non computer savvy people.

My suggestion is to introduce a menu option that will disable all the features that alter the signal in any way.

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Re: Feature Suggestion: Bit Perfect Mode

Post by CG » Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:29 am

"Bit Perfect" is a contentious subject. Even iTunes is bit perfect if the features you listed are turned off. But, many users agree that Decibel (as well as some other applications) sound much better than iTunes. You may or may not agree, which is really OK, but that's been the experience of many users. This suggests that the singular notion of bits being bits, with no other consideration, may be a sufficient condition for optimal playback.

Anyway, I just looked and found that the only functions in Decibel that affect "bit perfection" are the possibility for sample rate conversion, the digital volume control and Replay Gain. The latter two can be turned off from the Preferences panel. (I'd note that many of the program features that have been requested on this very forum are for actions that will defeat the bit perfect concept...)

However, I see your point about a single control. Stephen??

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