Adjusting buffer sizes

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Adjusting buffer sizes

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Decibel contains hidden preferences to adjust the buffer sizes it uses.

There are two options that affect buffering: RingBufferCapacity and RingBufferWriteChunkSize.
  • RingBufferCapacity determines how many audio sample frames will be stored in the player's internal buffer
  • RingBufferWriteChunkSize determines the minimum read size from files.
The default value for RingBufferCapacity is 16384 and the default value for RingBufferWriteChunkSize is 2048.

You can set them on the command line in Terminal with the following commands:

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$ defaults write org.sbooth.Decibel RingBufferCapacity -int 32768
$ defaults write org.sbooth.Decibel RingBufferWriteChunkSize -int 4096
to double the values, for example.